Preparing Your Quilt

  • Bring your Quilt top, batting, and backing folder separately. Do not pin, baste or use adhesives to attach the top to batting and backing.
  • Mark the center top of your quilt top and the right side and center back of your backing fabric
  • Make sure your backing fabric and you batting are at 8 inches longer and 8 inches wider than your quilt top.
  • Square your quilt top and backing.
  • Please wait to add embellishments. I cannot quilt over them and they may interfere with the machine.
  • I only use thread specially designed for longarm quilting machines. For now, I carry basic colors. If you want a specific color it will cost extra to order the specific color.
  • All seams need to be pressed flat
  • Secure your seams. Check for seams that have become loose. A loose seam can create a fold, tuck or even a tear in your quilt top.
  • Clip loose Thread.
  • Press quilt top and backing
  • Have your quilt top clean and free of orders and pet hair.

Binding Services

Binding service is charged by the linear inch.

[(Width + Length) x 2] = Linear Inches. Multiply this total by the service charge.

Example: Attach binding (15 Cents per linear inch).......
Quilt top measures 40" x 60" (40 + 60) x 2 = 200 Linear Inches x .15 = $30

How much binding fabric do I need?

Measure the Quilt Top length and width.
Determine amount fabric required:

[(Length+Width) x 2] + 15" = Total Linear Inches
With the above calculation result, see the chart below for fabric requirements.

  • 132" requires 1/4 yard
  • 202" requires 3/8 yard
  • 272" requires 1/2 yard
  • 342" requires 5/8 yard
  • 412" requires 3/4 yard
  • 482" requires 7/8 yard
  • 552" requires 1 yard

Sewing service is available to prepare binding strips. $20 fee. To avoid this fee, cut strips of binding

(typically 2 1/2", seam together and press in half with the right side of the fabric showing on the outside.

Attach binding to quilt top only. No finish work is done for this service. Straight edges with mitered corners.
15 Cents per linear-inch type

Attach binding and finish by machine. Straight edges with mitered corners.
30 Cents per linear-inch

Attach binding and finish with hand sewing. Straight edges with mitered corners.
50 Cents per linear-in

Attach binding to quilt top with a curved edge. No finish work. Binding strips must be cut on the bias.
30 Cents per linear inch

Attach binding to a curved edge and finish by machine. Binding strips must be cut on the bias.
60 Cents per linear inch

Attach binding to a curved edge and finish with hand sewing.
Binding strips must be cut on the bias.
$1 per linear inch